Thursday, January 27, 2011

follow YuNa to Japan :)

YuNa infront of our Dream house...hehe (Mickey Home Sweet Home)

Disneyland, Tokyo is one of the must visit place, if you go to Japan, it is one of the cutest place..if you just want to relax..or bring your famly to play around. They have different kind of thrill and adventure from latest Disney production like Up,The Incredible,Pirate Of the Carribean, Tarzan,Lilo & Stich and many more. For us coming back to the Disney world is like living in a dream, where everything is possible. We can see kids playing princess with their beautiful gown & character, back from Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Bella(Beauty & the Beast), The Sleeping Beauty & many more.. Me i just catch my breath of living my childhood imagination come true...
aha ha (",) *~~  Oh i wish that this is my house :p

Welcome To Tokyo Disneyland  ! :)

At the morning parade.. Wiee :)

Everyday in Disneyland there are suppose to be 2 parade, one is during daytime and the other one is at night. The morning parade was spectacular...Disney character dancing, jumping & moving with their acrobat skills. I just love the parade it was so freshing and energetic, and bubbles were everywhere.We had bubble rain coming from the Pinocchio car parade. Wonderful sight seeing..even better if u grab a pop corn first.. ahaha.

Yuyu..matching red :)
Lets be togather yea yea yea...!

I love how they decorate the oak tree  & everything were full with colours ..tapi kalau tengok lama lama kadang -kadang rasa macam pening sikit..  sebab semua senget-senget haha :)

Hats Oh Crazy Hats.. (",)*~~
Peace :)  in front of Alice in Wonderland crazy Tick Tock clock

Think like Donald? (",)*~~ 

Nana  looking like Minie Mouse :)

Shopping At Asakusa

 Cute Uncle Posing with Nana..(",)

I just cant resist the temptation of having a pair of boots. When I arrived here, winter has just finished, and summer is coming, So if you go to Japan & feel like buying boots, do come when its winter, coz at that time there will be  plenty of boots! :) if you are lucky can find some cheap & quality boots too.

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