Thursday, January 27, 2011

follow YuNa to Bandung :)

Bandung  is a must visit place for all shopaholic. And if you are not .. you ll become one ..:) in Bandung ha! ha!..Its a heaven place for shopping.. as long as you know where to go, the bargain code, and what you are looking for..! From the street of Bandung to the morning market...Follow YuNa Packages and we ll take you to the right shopping heaven around Bandung!

YuNa Posing @ CiWalk ~cool & clean environment

The Spectacular Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

People in Lembang said the origin of  this mountain is told in the famous folk legend "The Story of Sangkuriang". Cool air, the spread of tree garden and tall pine just a momment we treasure. Perfect ESCAPADE :p

What To Eat @ Bandung ?

Fresh and Crispy Batagor

First time i tried Batagor was last year in Borneo..but the Batagor in Bandung that i ate was the best. It was served with peanut gravy(kuah kacang) and with a bit of lime juice to add sensation to it.. haha..I like a bit of spicy and i just add more sambal or ketchup as u like...nyum  nyum

Nasi Merah

Day 2 in Bandung we went to Pasar Gazebo and have Nasi Merah (Brown Rice) + Paes (steam fish/chicken/mushroom etc) +Ayam bakar+ulimited of ulam dipped with sambal & many more. RP22,000 for 2 person with drinks (That is less than RM 10). Again another cheap and excellent cuisine diversity in Bandung. Make our day! 

Ni la gerai yang sedap dan murah....! Nikmatnyee

Full & Happy! Great Food..(",)*~~ 

We did'nt manage to take any picture  of the food here...Coz.. the food is super yummy..Ha! Ha!

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