Sunday, March 13, 2011

follow YuNa to Malaysia:)

Redang Island

Pulau Redang

Our experience to Pulau Redang was one of the best escapade :). Y? It have always been my dream to just be.. FrEE!.. ya  in Redang you can experience a lot of things.. some I listed below

1) Beautiful beach & crystal clear water (of course :) )

The first time we reach Redang, we are amazed with the crystal clear water

Its very clean & crystal clear! (";)*~~

We met Pak Mat  the boat man, unfortunately we didnt have Yuna's picture with Pak Mat, coz the picture we took was in Yuyu  handphone (been stolen in Comuter huhu *~sad)..

Anyway back to our wonderful memories..Pak Mat help in showing us a lot of place in Redang. He also thougt me to snorkel without using the life jacket and how to stand our breath in the water, while picking some shell under water :).. cool!

But the most adventurous thing, Yuna ever done in Redang was, sight seeing the baby sharks under water.. while Pak Mat show us the way ...he held in his hand  a dead fish..with blood.. to attract the baby sharks to us.. a bit creepy at first...  but  very  fun and adventurous. We didnt  bring the camera because Pak Mat is a very impromptu man..."Jom! tengok  ikan jerung baby!"

We miss Pak Mat ..Hopefully we can come back to Redang again!

The Clown Fish

With Pak Mat guidance we manage to see alot of beautiful corals & fish. One of them was, the famous Nemo. He caught the Clown fish with his snorkeling goggle & trap it with his hand...sort of mini aquarium in the goggle.
My self also cant resist the temptation to touch the Nemo coral.. Wiee!
Im Loving it!

Its not that easy to take photograph underwater!Hi hi

Woo and touch the coral we did! yeA..

 ~~*(";) Yuna (";)*~~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

follow YuNa to Japan :)

YuNa infront of our Dream house...hehe (Mickey Home Sweet Home)

Disneyland, Tokyo is one of the must visit place, if you go to Japan, it is one of the cutest place..if you just want to relax..or bring your famly to play around. They have different kind of thrill and adventure from latest Disney production like Up,The Incredible,Pirate Of the Carribean, Tarzan,Lilo & Stich and many more. For us coming back to the Disney world is like living in a dream, where everything is possible. We can see kids playing princess with their beautiful gown & character, back from Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Bella(Beauty & the Beast), The Sleeping Beauty & many more.. Me i just catch my breath of living my childhood imagination come true...
aha ha (",) *~~  Oh i wish that this is my house :p

Welcome To Tokyo Disneyland  ! :)

At the morning parade.. Wiee :)

Everyday in Disneyland there are suppose to be 2 parade, one is during daytime and the other one is at night. The morning parade was spectacular...Disney character dancing, jumping & moving with their acrobat skills. I just love the parade it was so freshing and energetic, and bubbles were everywhere.We had bubble rain coming from the Pinocchio car parade. Wonderful sight seeing..even better if u grab a pop corn first.. ahaha.

Yuyu..matching red :)
Lets be togather yea yea yea...!

I love how they decorate the oak tree  & everything were full with colours ..tapi kalau tengok lama lama kadang -kadang rasa macam pening sikit..  sebab semua senget-senget haha :)

Hats Oh Crazy Hats.. (",)*~~
Peace :)  in front of Alice in Wonderland crazy Tick Tock clock

Think like Donald? (",)*~~ 

Nana  looking like Minie Mouse :)

Shopping At Asakusa

 Cute Uncle Posing with Nana..(",)

I just cant resist the temptation of having a pair of boots. When I arrived here, winter has just finished, and summer is coming, So if you go to Japan & feel like buying boots, do come when its winter, coz at that time there will be  plenty of boots! :) if you are lucky can find some cheap & quality boots too.

follow YuNa to Bandung :)

Bandung  is a must visit place for all shopaholic. And if you are not .. you ll become one ..:) in Bandung ha! ha!..Its a heaven place for shopping.. as long as you know where to go, the bargain code, and what you are looking for..! From the street of Bandung to the morning market...Follow YuNa Packages and we ll take you to the right shopping heaven around Bandung!

YuNa Posing @ CiWalk ~cool & clean environment

The Spectacular Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

People in Lembang said the origin of  this mountain is told in the famous folk legend "The Story of Sangkuriang". Cool air, the spread of tree garden and tall pine just a momment we treasure. Perfect ESCAPADE :p

What To Eat @ Bandung ?

Fresh and Crispy Batagor

First time i tried Batagor was last year in Borneo..but the Batagor in Bandung that i ate was the best. It was served with peanut gravy(kuah kacang) and with a bit of lime juice to add sensation to it.. haha..I like a bit of spicy and i just add more sambal or ketchup as u like...nyum  nyum

Nasi Merah

Day 2 in Bandung we went to Pasar Gazebo and have Nasi Merah (Brown Rice) + Paes (steam fish/chicken/mushroom etc) +Ayam bakar+ulimited of ulam dipped with sambal & many more. RP22,000 for 2 person with drinks (That is less than RM 10). Again another cheap and excellent cuisine diversity in Bandung. Make our day! 

Ni la gerai yang sedap dan murah....! Nikmatnyee

Full & Happy! Great Food..(",)*~~ 

We did'nt manage to take any picture  of the food here...Coz.. the food is super yummy..Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

follow YuNa to Jakarta :)

A Bajaj at Tanah Abang looking for customer

Bajaj in the heart of Jakarta city

What To Eat @ Jakarta ?

Creamy Chocolate Avocado Juice or Alpukat Jus :)

This was my first Alpukat juice. I had it at a stall somewhere in Jalan. The stall was ver simple we had 2 plates of sate.The kuah(gravy) was different than the Malaysia Sate, where the peanuts was more fine and taste a bit creamy though we cant hardly see the peanuts..Awesome sate & Alpukat juice . Most important awsome price ! Alpukat only RP 7000 = RM 2...  haha.. murah  gilerrr

Lagi.. (Jakarta 22 Feb 2011) 

Kali ini di Jakarta, lain dari kebiasaan, kami menginap di sekitar Tanah Abang. To PAsar TAnah Abang is just a walking distance.. 

Senda Gurau Penjual-penjual Di Tanah Abang :)

Ini Soto Betawi.. betul2 How Liaauu! Kaw!

Soto Betawi ni makanan nya kelihatan sederhana  saja....sepinggan nasi yang di tabur bawang goreng di atas, dan semangkuk sup..  (yang lain seperti kicap,perahan limau, acar dan keropok tu = optional). Tapi, itu wajib lah di tambah..kerana semuanya  free  jee.. :D

Keropok Besar cuma tambah RP1000, kicap acar & perahan limau =FrEE :P

Sup Sotonya Segar & Sedap Sekali!

Sup ni isi nya kikil sapi, tapi seperti di campur santan..+sayur.. 

We had Soto Betawi 2 days in a row..coz we just fell in love with it.. So next time if you come to Tanah Abang , dont forget to look out for Soto Betawi BAng Yaqub..Best!.. Cuma RP17,500  for one + ice tea..:) wieeeeeeee!